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Other helpful advice you would offer?

Be prepared to fall in love with the things that you learn and to feel yourself becoming the person you need to be in order to carry the DPT title. Professionalism, enthusiasm, dedication--these are all things you see in the staff each and every day, and when people lead by example, it spreads faster than a disease. Also, be prepared to fall in love with each and every one of your classmates; maybe you won't agree with the things they do sometimes, but you learn quickly that they are your peers above all else and that working with them each and every day is an unparalleled privilege.

Patty Kool

DPT Class of 2015

For me, one of the hardest things was stay motivated to study, especially after doing it for five years in undergrad. I even started doubting how much I wanted to be a PT. As I found, this is a relatively normal phase to go through. If you get into the program and start feeling bogged down by the studies, rekindle that motivation to be a PT-ask a clinic to go observe for an hour or two. Share your struggles with classmates and even professors-they want to help you become a PT, not just learn the material. When you see PT beyond the books, it makes the books less daunting.

Patrick Lawrence

DPT Class of 2015

Some advice I would give is to become an engaged learner. Worry about concepts rather than memorizing useless facts and ask a lot of questions!

Nate Keniston

DPT Class of 2015

Taking classes in PT school is a very different experience than taking undergrad classes. The information presented to us is now just focused on what we, as PT students are excited about learning! This makes class enjoyable, and it is easier to stay engaged. There is a lot of hands-on learning in labs, as well as listening to lectures. The professors are very knowledgeable, and their strong passion for the field of physical therapy is so apparent. They really have an interest in helping us learn, and to help us become better than average physical therapists. So much inspiration, valuable advice, and knowledge is gained just from interacting and conversing with them. These factors, among many others, make physical therapy school feel like it is not just about taking classes, but it is more like an exciting life experience.

Kelsey Michals

DPT Class of 2015