Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Do you have assignments/projects to work on during Winter break and Spring break, or do you get a real vacation?

Yes, we do get some "real" vacations, especially in the beginning. Later in the program, once you've started working on your research projects, there might be some breaks where you spend some of the time working on that, but that varies and depends on how much you get done during the regular semesters.

                                                                Carrie Heerdt
DPT Class of 2009

Thanksgiving break is generally not a “real vacation.”  We have studying for finals the 2nd year and there are assignments due after break the 1st year.  Same with Spring Break from what I remember.  But if you manage your time right beforehand and get some extra work done, you can salvage some time to go on vacation or get some much needed R&R.  

Ashley Brehm
DPT Class of 2010

Christmas is a real break, but can be used to brush up on things that you didn't quite understand, or never really committed to memory.  Spring break and Thanksgiving fall during the semester, so there is always something to be done, a project to work on, readings to catch up on, etc. however, if you prioritize your time throughout the semester and don't wait until the break to get caught up, you can rest and relax with family and friends during these shorter breaks.

Jessica McLeod
DPT Class of 2010

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