Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy


The Biomechanics and Motor Performance Laboratory supports teaching and research for a broad array of  kinesiological activities including three-dimensional motion (kinematic) analysis that can integrate force (kinetic) and electromyographic (EMG) measures; motor performance testing of the spine and extremities, and measures of static and dynamic balance. The equipment is state-of-the-art.

Instrumentation and Utilization

  • The Vicon Motion Systems 600 series synchronizes motion capture from 8 variable (60 Hz or pictures/sec to 1000 Hz) high-speed, high-resolution video cameras and two AMTI force platforms.  
  • Portable AMTI force platforms evaluate static balance and gait.
  • The Motion Labs Systems MA-300 16-channel EMG system, synchronized with motion data, provides faculty and students with information about muscle activation during daily and sporting actions.
  • The Kistler Gaitway Instrumented Treadmill and Lite Gait body weight support system enhances the analysis of walking with and without weight support at controlled velocities.
  • Biodex Medical Multi-Joint System is used to test the concentric and eccentric strength, power and endurance of muscle groups that control the extremities and vertebral column.
  • DartfishTM Technology is used for two dimensional analysis.
  • Many of these state-of-the-art technologies can be used concurrently to study complex human motions
  • The conduct of multiple types of research studies enhances the diagnosis, treatment and on-going management of a number of pathological movement disorders related to aging, stroke, sports injuries, etc.
  • The instrumentation enhances the links between Grand Valley State University, Mary Free Bed Hospital, Spectrum, Medical Education and Research Center and other community health agencies.
  • Grand Valley State University is a major provider of health professional education in the State of Michigan.

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