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Susan Wilson

Visiting Professor
B.A. Psychology, Harding University
M.A. Developmental Psychology, Northern Illinois University
Ph.D. Cognitive/Instructional Psychology, Northern Illinois University
Office: 2126 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 616-331-3881

Office Hours


Developmental Cognitive Psychology


Research Interests

My research interests in developmental psychology include ethnic identity, cross-ethnic peer relationships, acculturation, and racial/ethnic socialization. I am interested in how these topics are related to each other, as well as how these topics are related to psychological adjustment and academic achievement. I am also interested in how increasing awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity may reduce stereotypical thinking.

My research interests in cognitive psychology include the interactions between emotions (e.g., cognitive disequilibrium) and learning, learning in various learning environments (including intelligent tutoring systems, educational games, and traditional classrooms), and instructional strategies and technologies that facilitate learning.