Evolution 4 Everyone

FALL 2013 ~


 The Evolution for Everyone group promotes cross-disciplinary, integrative education through the application of evolutionary theory.  Evolutionary theory provides a common meta-theoretical perspective through which scholars from diverse fields can broaden their understanding of topics ranging from biology and history to religion and aesthetics.


All students & faculty are welcome!!

3:30 PM - 308 Padnos Hall

October 4 - Evolution of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports (Jeffrey Potteiger, Dean of Graduate Studies, Movement Science)

October 25 - Song-learning in Birds - Language in People (Heather Van Wormer, Anthropology; Mike Lombardo, Biology)

November 1 - Evolutionary versus Racial Medicine:  Why it Matters (Pat Thorpe & Noor Ghiasvand, Biology)

November 8 - Evolution and the Psychology of Terrorism (Brian Bowdle, Psychology; Brian Kingshott, Criminal Justice)


For more info please contact:

Rob Deaner (, or Mike Lombardo (

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