Donna Henderson-King


 B.A., Simon Fraser University
 M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan

 office: 2205 AuSable Hall
 phone: (616) 331-2909


Social / Personality Psychology and Women's Studies
Courses Taught
PSY 101 - Introductory Psychology
PSY 360 - Social Psychology: Psychology's View
PSY 367 - Health Psychology
PSY 380 - Psychology and the Female Body
WGS 300 - Perspectives on Gender
WGS 360 - Contemporary Feminist Theory
WGS 300 - Research Methods in Women and Gender Studies
Research Interests
My primary research interests fall within three areas: 1) group, especially feminist, consciousness; 2) body-image, socialization, and attitudes about cosmetic surgery; and 3) the meaning of university education. I currently have ongoing projects in the two latter areas.
I am interested in body-image and in attitudes about cosmetic surgery among the general population and have been conducting research on some of the factors that influence such attitudes. Because cosmetic surgery is highly gendered and women make up the vast majority of cosmetic surgery patients, some of my research in this area focuses specifically on women. In a recent paper, Kelly Brooks, a Grand Valley graduate, and I described a study conducted with undergraduate women. We found that materialism and the internalization of sociocultural messages about attractiveness were predictors of young women’s acceptance of cosmetic surgery and their desire for cosmetic surgical procedures (Henderson-King & Brooks, 2009).
I am also interested in students’ experience of their undergraduate education and, in particular, in the meaning they make of the university experience. I have conducted interviews and survey studies with undergraduate students to examine the meaning of education in their lives and to explore whether such meanings are related to their academic motivation and their values. Findings from two of these studies are presented in a paper I wrote with another
Grand Valley graduate, Michelle Smith (Henderson-King & Smith, 2006).
Representative Publications

Body-image/Attitudes about cosmetic surgery:


Henderson-King, D., & Brooks, K. D. (2009). Materialism, Sociocultural

Appearance Messages, and Paternal Attitudes Predict College Women’s

Attitudes about Cosmetic Surgery. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 33,

133-142.  pdf


Henderson-King, D., & Henderson-King, E. (2005). Acceptance of cosmetic

surgery: Scale development and validation. Body Image: An International

Journal of Research, 2, 137-149.  pdf


Henderson-King, D., Henderson-King, E. I., & Hoffmann, L. L. (2001).

Media images and women’s self-evaluations: Social context and

importance of attractiveness as moderators. Personality and Social

Psychology Bulletin, 27, 1407-1416.


Meaning of education:


Henderson-King, D., & Smith, M. N. (2006). Meanings of education for university

students: Academic motivation and personal values as predictors. Social Psychology

of Education, 9, 195-221. pdf


Group/feminist consciousness:

Henderson-King, D., & Kaleta, A. (2000).  Learning about social diversity: The

undergraduate experience and intergroup tolerance.  Journal of Higher Education,

71, 142-164. pdf


Henderson-King, D., & Stewart, A. J. (1999).  Educational experiences and shifts in

group consciousness: Studying women. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,

25, 390-399. pdf


Henderson-King, D., & Stewart, A. J. (1997). Feminist consciousness: Perspectives

on women's experience. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 23, 415-426.

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