Brian Lakey

 B.A., Arizona State University
 Ph.D., Indiana University
 office: 2315 AuSable Hall
 phone: (616)331-2868
Mon & Wed 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM


Courses Taught
PSY 303 - Psychopathology
PSY 420 - Theories of Personality
Current Research
Relational regulation of affect, thought and action
Recent Publications
Lakey, B., Cohen, J. L., & Neely, L. C.  (2008). Perceived support and relational influences on psychotherapy process constructs.  Journal of Counseling Psychology, 55, 209-220.
Lakey, B. & Cronin A. (2008). Low social support and major depression: research, theory and methodological issues. In K. S. Dobson & D. Dozois (Eds.) Risk factors for depression. (pp. 385 – 408).  Academic Press.
Lakey, B., Orehek, E., Hain, K. & VanVleet, M. (2010). Enacted support’s links to negative affect and perceived support are more consistent with theory when social influences are isolated from trait influences.  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 36, 132-142.
Lakey, B. (2010).  Social support: Basic research and new strategies for intervention.  In J. E. Maddux  & J. P. Tangney (Eds.) Social Psychological Foundations of Clinical Psychology  (pp. 177 – 194). NY: Guildford.
Shorey, R. C. & Lakey, B.  (2011). Perceived and capitalization support are substantially similar: Implications for social support theory.  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 37, 1068 – 1079.
Lakey, B. & Orehek, E. (2011).  Relational Regulation Theory: A new approach to explain the link between perceived support and mental health.  Psychological Review, 118, 482-495.

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