Task Force for Student Evaluation of Teaching

Date Established:
March 2008

The Task Force is to investigate the use of a standard university-wide student evaluation of teaching form and to study the feasibility of a university-wide ratings form that is both criterion-based and nationally normed.  This investigation is to include considerations of rating form reliability, delivery, and economic feasibility.

Task Force Members:

Tamara Rosier
Assistant Director of Assessment, Pew FTLC
Donovan Anderson Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
Katie Clark Systems Analyst, Information Technology
Dave Gabrielse Affiliate Faculty of Social Work
Cynthia Grapczynski Assistant Professor of Health Professions
Sue Korzinek Director, Information Technology
Nancy Patterson Assistant Professor of Education
Samhita Rhodes Assistant Professor of Engineering
Hari Singh Professor of Economics
Joy Washburn Assistant Professor of Nursing
Student Representatives

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