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Reporting Units

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
   Frederick Antczak, Dean

   Bradley Ambrose, Interim Assistant Dean
   Donovan Anderson, Interim Assistant Dean
   Gretchen Galbraith, Associate Dean
   Michelle McCloud, Assistant Dean
   Shaily Menon, Associate Dean - On Leave F15 & W16
   Merritt Taylor, Interim Assistant Dean
   Kevin Tutt, Associate Dean

Annis Water Resources Institute 
   Al Steinman, Director
Anthropology Department
   Deana Weibel, Chair
Art & Design Department
   Virginia Jenkins, Chair
Biology Department
   Neil MacDonald, Chair
Biomedical Sciences Department
   Dan Bergman, Chair
Cell & Molecular Biology
   Mark Staves, Chair
Chemistry Department
   George McBane, Chair
Classics Department
   Peter Anderson, Chair
School of Communications
   Vandana Pednekar-Magal, Director
Comprehensive Science & Art for Teaching (CSAT)
   Regina Smith, Director
English Department
   Corinna McLeod, Chair
Geography & Planning Department
   Elena Lioubimtseva, Chair
Geology Department
   Virginia Peterson, Chair
History Department
   William Morison, Chair
Integrated Science Program
   Janet Vigna, Coordinator
Mathematics Department
   Jonathan Hodge, Chair
Modern Languages & Literatures Department
   Majd Al-Mallah, Chair
Movement Science Department
   Christina Beaudoin, Chair
Music & Dance Department
   Danny Phipps, Chair
Philosophy Department
   John Uglietta, Chair
Physics Department
   Richard Vallery, Chair
Political Science Department
   Mark Richards, Chair
Psychology Department
   Robert Hendersen, Chair
Sociology Department
   Lisa Hickman, Chair
Statistics Department
   Paul Stephenson, Chair
Writing Department
   Patricia Clark, Chair
CLAS Academic Advising Center
   Betty Schaner, Director
Autism Education Center
   Amy Matthews, Director
Regional Math & Science Center
   Karen Meyers, Director


Seidman College of Business
   Diana Lawson, Dean
   Paul Isely, Associate Dean
   Sridhar Sundaram, Associate Dean

School of Accounting
   Rita Grant, Director
Economics Department
   Aaron Lowen, Chair
Finance Department
   Susan Edwards, Chair
Management Department
   Jaideep Motwani, Chair
Marketing Department
   Doug Robideaux, Chair
Business Ethics Center
   Michael De Wilde, Director
Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
   Kevin McCurren, Executive Director
Family Owned Business Institute
   Joseph Horak, Director
Small Business & Development Center - State HQ
   Keith Brophy, Executive Director
Small Business & Development Center - West MI
   Dante Villareal, Regional Director
Seidman Student Academic Services
   Joy Gianakura, Director
VanAndel Global Trade Center
   Sonja Johnson, Executive Director

College of Community and Public Service
   George Grant, Jr., Dean
   Mark Hoffman, Associate Dean
   Paul Stansbie, Associate Dean
   Ruth Stegeman, Assistant Dean

School of Criminal Justice
   Kathleen Bailey, Director
Hospitality & Tourism Management Department
   Michael Sciarini, Chair
School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration
   Richard Jelier, Chair
School of Social Work
   Dianne Green-Smith, Director
CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center
   Jennifer McCaul, Director
Johnson Center for Philanthropy
   Kyle Caldwell, Executive Director

College of Education
  Barry Kanpol, Dean
  Caryn King, Associate Dean

Administrative Services
   Alex Jacobsson, Interim Director
Center for Educational Partnerships
   David Bair, Director
Leadership and Learning
   Jay Cooper, Interim Chair
Special Education, Foundations and Technology
   Sean Lancaster, Chair
Student Information and Services Center
   Tom Owens, Director
TRIO Educational Talent Search
   Sarah Keranen-Lopez, Director
TRIO Teacher Preparation Student Support Services
   Aliya Armstrong
TRIO Upward Bound
   Josh Brandsen, Director

Padnos College of Engineering and Computing
   Paul Plotkowski, Dean
   Charles Standridge, Associate Dean

School of Computing & Information Systems
   Paul Leidig, Director
School of Engineering
   Wael Mokhtar, Director
Occupational Safety and Health
   Charles Standridge, Chair
Professional Science Master's Program
   Tim Born, Coordinator
PCEC Student Services Center 
   Charles Standridge, Associate Dean

College of Health Professions
   Roy H. Olsson, Jr., Dean
   Theresa Bacon-Baguley, Associate Dean
   Teresa Beck, Associate Dean
   Linda Goossen, Associate Dean

Allied Health Sciences
   Michael Wambach, Chair
Communication Sciences & Disorders
   Dan Halling, Chair
Diagnostic & Treatment Sciences
   Randy Wyble, Chair
Occupational Science & Therapy
   Cynthia Grapczynski, Chair
Physical Therapy
   Daniel Vaughn, Chair
Physician Assistant Studies
   Andrew Booth, Chair
Public Health
   Ranelle Brew, Chair
Student Services Office
   Darlene Zwart, Director

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies
   Anne Hiskes, Dean
   Ellen Schendel, Associate Dean

Area Studies
   Steeve Buckridge, Director
Environmental Studies
   Kelly Parker, Program Director
Meijer Honors College
   Jeff Chamberlain, Director
   Kurt Ellenberger, Chair
Liberal Studies
   Wendy Burns-Ardolino, Chair
Women and Gender Studies
   Danielle DeMuth, Chair
Integrative Learning and Advising
   Brian Jbara, Director
Center for Adult and Continuing Studies
   Simone Jonaitis, Executive Director
Center for Excellence in Science & Math Education
   Edward Baum, Director
Frederik Meijer Office of Fellowships
   Elizabeth Lambert, Director
General Education
   C. "Griff" Griffin, Director
Padnos International Center
   Mark Schaub, Chief International Officer and Executive Director
Kutsche Office of Local History
   Melanie Shell-Weiss, Director
Office of Sustainability Practices
   Norman Christopher, Executive Director
Fred Meijer Center for Writing & Michigan Authors
   Patrick Johnson, Director


Kirkhof College of Nursing
  Cynthia McCurren, Dean

Undergraduate Programs
   Janet Winter, Associate Dean
Graduate Programs
   Karen Burritt, Interim Associate Dean
Academic Nurse-Managed Health Center
   Cynthia McCurren, Dean
Research & Scholarship
   Sandra Spoelstra, Associate Dean
Office of Student Services
   Kristin Norton, Director


Graduate School 
  Jeffrey Potteiger, Dean

  Mark Luttenton, Associate Dean

University Libraries
  Lee Van Orsdel, Dean

Collections & Scholarly Communications
   Sarah Beaubien, Head
Instructional Services
   Mary O'Kelly, Head
Knowledge Access & Resource Management
   Jeff Daniels, Head
Liberal Arts Programs
   Lynn Sheehan, Head
Operations & User Services
   Brian Merry, Head
Professional Programs
   Elizabeth Martin, Head
Research & Instruction
   Julie Garrison, Associate Dean
Special Collections & University Archives
   Robert Beasecker, Director
Systems & Technology
   Patrick Roth, Head
Technology and Information Services
   Carlos Rodriguez, Associate Dean

Vice Provost for Health Office
   Jean Nagelkerk, Vice Provost

Interprofessional Education Office
   Brenda Pawl, Director
Simulation Center
   Doris French, Director
University Clinical Initiatives
   Katie Branch, Director
University Health Compliance
   Warren Olson, Officer

Student Services
   Eileen Sullivan, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Campus Recreation
   Kate Harmon, Director
Career Center
   Troy Farley, Director
Children's Enrichment Center
   Sarah Lord, Program Coordinator
University Counseling Center
   Amber Roberts, Director
Freshman Academy and Degree Completion/Pre-Major Advising
   Sulari White, Senior Associate Director
Housing and Residence Life
   Andrew Beachnau, Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs & Director
Judicial and Special Programs
   Aaron Haight, Assistant Dean of Students
LAKER Academic Center
   Damon Arnold, Director
Learning Skills Services/Structured Learning Assistance
   Jackie Rautio, Associate Director
Student Academic Success Center
   Michael Messner, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Student Life and Event Services
   Bob Stoll, Associate Dean for Student Life
Student Services - Allendale Campus
   Marlene Kowalski-Braun, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Student Services - Pew Campus
   Steven Lipnicki, Assistant Dean
TRIO Programs
   MarcQus Wright, Director

Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center
   Christine Rener, Vice Provost for Instructional Development and Innovation and Director

Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
   Robert Smart, Vice Provost for Research Administration and Executive Director

Human Research Review
   Christine Yalda, Chair
Institutional Animal Care and Use
   Frank Sylvester, Chair
Research Protections Program
   Christina Moord, Coordinator
Office of Sponsored Programs
Technology Commercialization Office
   Linda Chamberlain, Fellow
Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship
   Susan Mendoza, Director

Art Gallery and Collections
   Henry Matthews, Gallery Director/Curator