Task Force for On-line Graduate Programs Policy

Date Established:
October 2008

The Task Force is to develop policies and procedures to be used in the consideration of the full on-line delivery of graduate programs.

  1. Identify and propose any Faculty Handbook language changes needed to the current policies and procedures for the review of a Prospectus or Final Plan proposing the full on-line delivery of an entire program at the graduate level.
  2. Among other things those proposed revisions to the policies and procedures the Task Force should include how, and what, the proposers must demonstrate as to:

    a.  The effectiveness of the on-line delivery method specifically addressing content, integrity, and accessibility issues.

    b.  Where a Masters program already exists, identify how, and what, information should be provided as to the impact of the additional delivery of the proposed full on-line program on the currently existing graduate program.

    c.  Articulate any differences in the roles and functions of the FSBC, UCC, and Graduate Council in the consideration of these on-line delivery graduate programs.

    d.  Determine whether, and how, the Prospectus and Final Plan would need to address the impact that the on-line delivery of these programs would have on the work load of the regular faculty involved and address any related concerns about the use of both regular faculty and adjunct faculty in the delivery of the courses, such as the ratio of course distribution between these types of faculty.

    e.  Determine what resource considerations should be identified and documented in the Prospectus or Final Plan that would be unique to the full delivery of graduate curriculum on-line.

    f.  Describe what factors should be addressed in the rationale for the use of a full on-line delivery program.



Task Force Members:



Nancy Levenburg
Associate Professor of Management 
David Cannon Assistant Professor of Accounting
Glenna Decker Instructional Design Specialist, Information Technology
Nancy Giardina Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Simone Jonaitis Executive Director, Continuing Education
Rita Kohrman Senior Librarian, University Libraries
Sharon Leder Associate Professor of Nursing
Charlie Lowe Assistant Professor of Writing
Claudia Sowa-Wojciakowski Associate Professor of Education
Andrew Topper Associate Professor of Education
Roy Winegar Assistant Professor of Communications


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