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March 2011
Is Higher Ed a Commodity? Higher Education
by Andrew Hacker & Claudia Dreifus
  Using Liberal Arts to Reverse the Decline at Public Universities How Minority Students Experience College
by Watson, Terrell, & Wright
  Against the Windmills the Commoditization of Higher Ed Crisis on Campus
by Mark C. Taylor

College May Never be the Same

The Complete Academic Search Manual
by Vicker & Royer

Habits of Mind: Lessons for the Long Term   10/8/12

Academically Adrift
by Arum & Roksa

Rebooting the Academy: 12 Big Ideas

The Degree Qualifications Profile
by the Lumina Foundation
  Bob Mendenhall Is Blowing Up the Business Model  3/2/12

How 'Flipping' the Classroom Can Improve the Traditional Lecture

  National Science Foundation Steps Up Its Push for Interdisciplinary Research
  MIT's New Free Courses: a Threat to the Traditional Model of Higher Education?
  Millennial Students & Middle-aged Faculty: A Learner-centered Approach toward Bridging the Gap
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