Content for this site is under revision due to approval of revised faculty

personnel policies by the Board of Trustees on November 6, 2015.

See the Administrative Manual for current language.

Faculty Personnel Workbook

Documents from the Administrative Manual and Faculty Handbook are reprints and provided as a PDF for your use.  Please review actual policy for possible updates.  Links are provided below:

Administrative Manual
Faculty Handbook


  Faculty Personnel Policy

Reprint from Chapter 4 of the Administrative Manual

Extending Probationary Appointments by Pausing the Tenure Clock - Reprint from Chapter 4, Section 2.7.2 of the Administrative Manual

Faculty Personnel Policy Flowchart

Faculty Personnel Actions Calendars

Winter - Calendar being revised

Unit Head/Designate Responsibilities

Unit Head/Designate Document Checklist

Post-Unit Personnel Meeting Faculty Comment Forms

          Reappointment or Tenure
          Promotion to Associate Professor 
Promotion to Professor

Draft Agenda for Unit Personnel Meeting

Candidate Waiver Form

Faculty Unit Vote

Report of Unit Faculty Vote

Dean's Responsibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Tenure Review Timetable


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