Faculty Awards Convocation is held each February to honor the outstanding contributions of our faculty.  Awards are presented to long-standing faculty who are celebrating important milestones (25, 30, 35, and 40 years) in their career.  University awards are also presented for excellence in teaching in and outside of the classroom, scholarship that advances the professions and helps society, inspiring mentoring to aid our students successfully along their way, and dedicated service to the campus and larger community.

Please click below for photos of our past events:
February 7, 2008                               2008 Honorees
February 5, 2009                               2009 Honorees
February 4, 2010                               2010 Honorees

February 3, 2011                                         2011 Honorees
February 2, 2012                                           2012 Honorees                   2012 Video Footage
February 7, 2013                                           2013 Honorees                   2013 Video Footage
February 6, 2014                                           2014 Honorees                   2014 Video Footage


Gayle R. Davis
Provost and Executive Vice President for
    Academic and Student Affairs
520C DeVos

Faculty – you are the absolute core of this place. 
Whether you have been here for six months or years and years, your service to the University is so valuable, though we are officially celebrating individual milestone years at Grand Valley at this ceremony. It is also our wonderful task today to highlight each of those honorees who will receive the University Awards of Excellence because they have each contributed so much. 
For the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Awards nominees are selected by students, alumni, other faculty, or academic units, based on criteria related to the faculty member’s ability to use multiple approaches in instruction and evaluation and to refine classroom practices based on reflection on their experiences and student learning outcomes. The honorees use the latest material in their fields to stimulate intellectual curiosity in students, and they commit themselves to their students as not only an instructor but also as a positive professional role model.
I see these annual awards as also symbolic, though, as emblematic of the regard in which we hold each and all of our colleagues. Thanks for being such dedicated, excellent faculty. I’m proud to have this role as provost – to support you, plan with you, confront challenges with you, and to honor you.



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