Faculty Awards

Grand Valley State University is pleased to honor our excellent faculty in a range of areas of accomplishment: faculty who teach in and outside of the classroom, contribute significant scholarship that advances their profession and enriches their teaching, offer inspired mentoring to our students, and provide dedicated service to the campus and community.

Click on the award name below to see a list of recipients.  Links are provided for further information and criteria for each award.


Glenn A. Niemeyer Award Faculty members honored for their excellence, enthusiasm and loyalty to teaching, scholarship and service. 
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University Outstanding Teacher Award

Faculty member who consistently demonstrates outstanding teaching. 
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Distinguished Contribution in a Discipline Award

Faculty member whose performance in scholarly or creative activities or whose contributions through service to professional organizations is outstanding.
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Outstanding University Service Award

Faculty member committed to service to the university.(Previous Recipients)


Outstanding Community Service Award

Faculty member committed to service to the community that uses the faculty member's professional expertise.
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Outstanding Advising & Student Services Award

Faculty member who consistently demonstrates outstanding academic advising and service to students.
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Internationalization Award

This award honors a GVSU faculty member for significant service, teaching, program development, international projects, and other contributions to the internationalization of the University and campus community. It recognizes the achievements of tenured, tenure-track, or affiliate faculty members who advance international education and the global learning mission at GVSU.


Pew Teaching  Awards

Several awards that honor excellent teaching in the classroom.

Pew Teaching Excellence Award
Pew Teaching with Technology Award
Pew Excellence Award for Library Faculty 
Pew Teaching Excellence Award for Part-Time Faculty
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Distinguished Early Career Scholar Award

This award honors remarkable investigators at GVSU who began their independent scholarship within the past six years. These scholars demonstrate mastery in their field and show significant potential for continued success. The award recipients have made major contributions to theory, research and creative practice, and they have earned national recognition for their outstanding achievements.
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Distinguished Undergraduate Mentoring Award

This award is intended to recognize demonstrated excellence in mentoring undergraduate researchers, to encourage mentoring relationships with undergraduate students, and to convey the campus' high regard for such contributions made by the faculty of the academic and research community.
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Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award

Recipients will have direct and significant impact and involvement with graduate students, outstanding commitment and effectiveness as a mentor of graduate students, been innovative in mentoring, and have demonstrated unusual effort to provide consistent mentoring of graduate students during the course of their careers at GVSU.
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Outstanding Educator Award

Faculty member who has had the most significant impact on the careers of alumni.  Presented by the Alumni Association.
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Presidents Council State Universities of Michigan

The Michigan Distinguished Professor of the Year program recognizes the outstanding contributions made by the faculty from Michigan's public universities to the education of undergraduate students.
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Michigan Association of Governing Boards

Award no longer presented
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 State Excellence in Teaching Award

Award no longer presented
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