Task Force for the Development of the GVSU Student Second Year Experience

Date Established:
December 2008

The Task Force is asked to study the feasibility of a series of integrated second year experiences to facilitate second year persistence and enrollment in third year courses at GVSU.
  1. Assess the needs of current GVSU students in their second year.
  2. Identify barriers that may exist for second year students to persist and enroll in third year courses.
  3. Assess current third year students at GVSU and identify variables that enabled them to persist and enroll in third year courses.
  4. Recommend events, activities or procedures that would better facilitate second year student persistence to the third year.

Task Force Members:

Nancy Giardina
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Craig Benjamin Assistant Professor of History
Teresa Beck Associate Professor of Health Professions
Brian Berry Senior Financial Aid Counselor
Michelle Burke Associate Director, Student Life
Caroline Cascini Senior Advisor, CLAS Academic Advising Center
Jay Cooper Associate Professor of Education
Steve Glass Associate Dean, College of Interdisciplinary Studies
Brian Hatzel Associate Professor of Movement Science
Colleen Lindsay-Bailey Coordinator, Residence Education
Jennifer McCaul Director, CCPS Advising
Mike Messner Program Advisor, Student Academic Success Center
Diana Pace Associate Dean of Students
Chris Plouff Assistant Professor of Engineering
Jackie Rautio Program Advisor, Student Academic Success Center
Michele Rhodes Associate Registrar 
Sherril Soman  Associate Professor of Chemistry
Joyce Van Baak Director, Tutoring 
Kathleen VanderVeen  Director, Disability Support Services 
Janet Walls Associate Director, Housing 
  Student Representative 

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