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Join us for Presidents' Ball on February 3!

E-tickets are now available! Remember to print off your ticket so you can get in!

Click here to purchase your tickets.

Celebrate the life and meaning that color brings at Presidents' Ball 2017, Uncharted Color!

During this evening, don't just notice color – embrace it. Follow where the themed rooms guide you and explore color in objects, painting, photography, eats, and in yourselves.

Whether you're wearing sea green, highlighter yellow, deep red, or a classic black and white, your presence adds your personal touch to the elegant display of the venue.

Experience the journey through the realms of colors as you travel from one room to the next.

Take in the vibrancy, take in the energy, and once the night is over, take your photos and memories with you as a GRAND part of your Laker experience

We hope you celebrate Uncharted Color with us!

PB2017 Team


Laker Traditions