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Posting Guidelines


The Promotions Office offers $10 posting services during Fall and Winter Semesters

Posting Policy

The Posting Policy for all Grand Valley State University Campuses was developed to provide a uniform and fair posting method. Groups, organizations, individuals and/or businesses are responsible for the knowledge of these policies. Posting information can also be found in the Student Code.

Please note that different campus locations have different regulations.
Campus, General, Housing Opportunity, and Opinion boards on the Allendale campus will be cleared on the last day of the Fall and Winter semester. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Life at (616) 331-2345. 

Poster Requirements

All posters must have:

  • Name of event, date, time, location (if poster is for an event)
  • Name of organization or department
  • Contact information - Must be a phone number or email. Websites or social media accounts are NOT acceptable forms of contact information.
  • Approval stamp (see "Approval" tab for more information)

Posters cannot:

  • Have any promotion or information about the sale or use of alcohol.  If you are serving non-alcoholic beverages, choose words that are not associated with alcohol. (Example: use “Mocktails” instead of “Cocktails.”)
  • Have any inappropriate pictures (nudity, sexual content, graphic portrayals.)
  • Exceed 11"x17" or be posted more than one per board.

Click here for an example of an approved flyer 

Click here for an example of a flyer that is not approved

Board Label Definitions

Campus Events
Campus Event Boards have been established for displaying information which is of particular interest to students such as student organization announcements, coming events, sport events, campus recreation activities and other on-campus announcements only. Non GVSU events or groups cannot post to campus event boards.

"For Academic Use Only" / Departmental
Boards are under the supervision of each specific academic department. Use of departmental boards is restricted to faculty and staff of that department. Permission for a special request must be received from the department prior to any other postings. Approval must be shown on the posted notice.

This board had been established for displaying information received from local community people about upcoming events and activities.  

        For Sale - Notices are limited to a maximum size of 8.5"x11"

Housing Options (In Kirkhof)
Any advertisements for lease and/or purchase options for the area. 

Housing (In Living Centers)
Boards are located in the common areas of each living area. All boards are under the supervision of the Housing staff. Posting is prohibited by non-Housing staff members. Any notices requiring posting must be dropped off at the Promotions Office and they will stamp and post to housing for $10.  

These boards have been established to allow students and staff to post items expressing opinions.  All notices will be removed at the end of each academic semester.

How To Post

Free Posting
You can post your own posters to the campus event and general boards, free of charge, but all posters must be stamped for approval before posting. You can not post to housing own your own. 

$10 Posting
The Promotions Office can post your posters to the campus event, general, and/or housing boards for a $10 posting fee. Please see board counts for the total number of posters.