Internationalization Grant

Barbara H. Padnos International Center (PIC)

Internationalization Grant




Application Deadlines: 

October 1, 2013 (Fall cycle)

February 1, 2014 (Winter cycle)


Submit your application electronically, by 4:00 p.m. on the deadline to 

These are competitive grant cycles, and award decisions are made by the review committee in the weeks following the application deadline


The goal of internationalization grants is to support Global Learning at GVSU, and help make the learning environment more international (and intercultural) for GVSU students. Since the majority of GVSU students are not international students and the majority of GVSU students do not study abroad, an international learning experience here in West Michigan is important for liberal education in the existing curriculum. How will your project help provide enhanced international education to the students here in the Michigan campuses of GVSU?


These grants are not intended to support travel to academic conferences. Eligibility: Tenured, Tenure-Track, and Full-time Affiliate Faculty who have been employed at GVSU for at least 5 years). Grants may be used for any costs directly associated with the internationalization project. Maximum award: $3000 per project. One award per fiscal year per applicant. Funds should be used within 12 calendar months of the application deadline.


The PIC Internationalization Grants support the following:

  • Creation of a dual-degree (or joint-degree) program with an overseas partner institution
  • Efforts that internationalize the curriculum (e.g., the development of a new course or the revision of an existing course or courses)
  • Execution of unit- or college- internationalization projects, including global learning curriculum development
  • Gathering information to be used in the development of study abroad advising document(s) for students in your major
  • Hosting or organizing conferences, workshops, and seminars here at GVSU dealing with global learning
  • Re-tooling—taking a refresher course or skills enhancement course in intercultural studies (e.g., Intercultural Institute in Portland, OR)

A report (1-2 page summary) on your activities, and the outcomes of the project, is due at the time of reimbursement. In this report, please address the impact the grant has had or will have on your teaching and/or research. Specifically address how GVSU students will gain an enhanced understanding from this project, or a more internationalized educational experience in your courses or curriculum. PIC will post these reports on its website.


The International Education Committee (IEC) will make recommendations to Padnos International Center about funding of individual applications. 


Preference will be given to the proposals that:

  1. Will result in tangible changes to the curriculum of a unit or college, in that it has enhanced global learning components in a course, in a new or revised course, or across a curriculum.
  2. Are from a faculty member who has never had a significant international (or intercultural) experience, or for whom it has been many years since the last time overseas
  3. Have an interdisciplinary aspect
  4. Are submitted by faculty who’ve not received many (or any) PIC grants in the past few years
  5. Are cost effective
  6. Have potential lasting impact on the students one will encounter and teach at GVSU in the future

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