International Partnership Delegation Grants

Barbara H. Padnos International Center
(Application Deadline: November 1, 2013)
The 2013-14 International Partnership Delegation Grants are intended to fund participation by GVSU faculty and staff on an interdisciplinary team visit to a partner institution. The delegation will spend time on the partnership campus, learning about many aspects of that university’s host city, nation, and culture. Together, they will seek new perspectives from counterparts at the host campus that can be brought back to GVSU to share with our own campus community. 
We are looking for a diverse team comprised of full-time faculty (tenured, tenure-track, or affiliates), AP staff, and COT or Maintenance staff. The committee charged with selection of the team members will also take into consideration the desires and needs of the host institution, and may give preference to individuals at GVSU who have had limited opportunities for overseas travel. Five individuals will be selected to participate in the 2014 delegation.
The 2014 Trip: Mexico
In celebration of the “100,000 Strong in the Americas” campaign, led by the Governments of Mexico and the United States, the 2014 International Partnership Delegation will visit our long-standing exchange partner, Universidad de las Americas – Puebla in Mexico. UDLAP is one or Mexico’s most prestigious private universities with Schools of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Engineering, and Business and Economics. The partnership between our institutions continues to emphasize the importance of meaningful educational exchanges through a variety of short and long-term opportunities. To learn more about UDLAP visit:
UDLAP is located in the municipality of San Andres Cholula, which is fifteen minutes from the city of Puebla. Founded in 1531, this geographic region brings together the influences of pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern Mexico and is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural treasure of the world.
The tentative dates for the 2014 delegation trip to Mexico will be from March 2-7, 2014.  Included in the itinerary will be several days visiting the UDLAP campus, a day visiting nearby sites such as the Great Pyramid of Cholula, and a day in the capital city, Mexico City. A more detailed itinerary will be developed once the delegation has been selected.
What is Included?
Awardees will be expected to cover the cost of their own passport, as well as some lunches and dinners in Mexico, though some group meals will be included in the grant award. Air travel, ground transportation, accommodations, and breakfasts are covered by the grant award. Estimated amount of award is $2500 per person for the 2014 Mexico Delegation.  
GVSU 2014 Partnership Delegation to Mexico
Program Learning Goals
The Padnos International Center is excited to launch the 6th Annual Partnership Delegation visiting Puebla, Mexico in March 2014.  This program is geared towards faculty and staff that have limited opportunities to gain an international experience and is intended to pull colleagues together from different areas across our campus.  In an effort to share a bit more about what we expect participants to gain from this experience, PIC has developed the following learning goals:   
1) To introduce faculty and staff at GVSU to Mexican culture with an emphasis of increasing participant's knowledge of historical, economic, political, academic, environmental and social developments taking place in Mexico today.  
2) To involve faculty and staff in experiences that will encourage the development of intercultural communication skills and intercultural understanding.  This will be accomplished through meetings with colleagues from our partner institutions and through various excursions.
3) To gain an understanding of the journey involved in traveling to a foreign country, particularly as it relates to navigating new systems, managing the language barrier, adapting to new cuisine, learning about differences in lifestyles, and building an understanding of the host culture.
4) Develop a new network of colleagues from across the GVSU campus community and at GVSU's partner institutions.
5) To increase participant's knowledge of faculty, staff and student opportunities abroad.  
The application for this program is available on our website at  If you have additional questions, please contact Rebecca Hambleton at 331-3898 or by email at


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