International Faculty & Friends

Established in 2007, the International Faculty & Friends (IFF) program at Grand Valley State University provides university faculty and staff opportunities to build community by focusing on the countries and cultures of our planet.  At monthly events, event hosts share their stories from around the world.  This program embraces what has been one of the initiatives on campus for several years:  the internationalization of the campus.  Our events are not just for faculty from other countries.  It is for all faculty and staff.

For a list of upcoming IFF events, please visit the Events Calendar

The goals for IFF include:

  1. Connecting and supporting international faculty and staff and their colleagues
  2. Providing an intentional community for learning about other cultures and countries and international experiences.

Events can take on many forms, including:

  • The sharing of food, culture, and stories from other countries.
  • Meeting off-campus at an ethnic restaurant, and learning about another culture over the meal.
  • A faculty event in conjunction with a student international event.
  • A brown-bag lunch or special faculty/staff dining room cultural event.
  • Gathering a group of faculty and staff to attend an off-campus cultural event.

To put your name on the IFF mailing list, contact Alissa Lane, Padnos International Center

IFF Leadership for 2016-17

Co-Chairs:  Karel Swanson, Student Academic Success Center & Mark Schaub, Padnos International Center

PIC Support:  Alissa Lane

Steering Committee:  Ed Aboufadel, Naoki Kanabashi, Robert Schoofs

Interested in being on the IFF Leadership Committee? Contact Mark Schaub

For a historical record of IFF, view past IFF Events & Hosts

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