Global Connections Fall 2012

Empowering Women in Zambia

GVSU graduate, Katherine Costello,  develops female empowerment group in Zambia while serving in the Peace Corps.


Renewable Energy for Kenya


Fullbright Scholar, Dr. Erik Nordman will be spending the 2012-13 school year in Kenya, helping to develop renewable energy technologies.

Dialogue of Civilizations 

GVSU students Joseph Swartz and Sarah Wildt were given the opportunity to present their papers at the Dialogue of Civilizations conference in China. 

¡Pura Vida! Life as a Language Minority

Padnos Scholarship recipient, Stephanie Nelson, is immersed in language and family during her travels to Costa Rica. 

Bridge Over the River Kwai

Murray Scholarship recipient, Megan Dekievit, gets a history lesson of a historic bridge during her time in Thailand. 


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