Fulbright-Hayes Faculty Research Abroad Fellowship

Consider a Fulbright-Hayes Award!

The Fulbright-Hayes Faculty Research Abroad Fellowship is a well-kept secret because it offers a lot more money than the traditional Fulbright and allows faculty to be abroad for 3-12 months (and pays you the equivalent of your GVSU monthly salary for that time period) rather than limiting the time abroad to 6 months.  Unlike the traditional Fulbright (Fulbright-CIES), which is a State Department program whose goal is "people to people diplomacy" in which U.S. faculty help build the skills of their counterparts in other countries by sharing expertise, the Fulbright Hayes is a research only Fellowship designed to enhance the skills of the recipient so they can promote foreign language and area studies instruction/programming at their home institution upon return (though they do not follow up to see the results, only a brief report is required upon completion of the grant, so that expectation is pretty loose). 

Fulbright-CIES often requires or offers the option for the recipient to teach one or more classes (depending on the country program), whereas teaching a class is prohibited with Fulbright-Hayes (freeing the grantee up to focus solely on research).  The application processes is different as well.  For Fulbright-Hayes, the award is usually announced in August, and the deadline is late Oct.-early Nov.  The proposal narrative is longer (about 10-15 pages) and needs to demonstrate the intellectual merits of the proposed project, while the traditional Fulbright is a little looser and emphasizes more how the time abroad would benefit the applicant.  The application is officially submitted by our Sponsored Projects Office, so the applicant needs to get them the proposal narrative in time along with letters of recommendation, and they submit them along with a bunch of forms (similar to an NSF or other federal grant application).  Chris Chamberlain and Priscilla Kimboko submitted mine (I was the first ever applicant from GVSU) and so they understand the process and are very helpful. If you have any questions or would like to see my proposal, let me know.  I encourage GVSU faculty to apply because it's a really good deal.

For more information contact Joel Stillerman (stillejo@gvsu.edu)


Page last modified February 13, 2013