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Minor in Physics

Students seeking a minor in physics must complete the following requirements:
  1. A minimum of 24 semester credit hours in physics with a GPA above 2.0.

  2. 14 credit hours of required courses:
    • PHY 230 Principles of Physics I
    • PHY 231 Principles of Physics II
    • PHY 302 Introduction to Modern Physics

  3. 10 additional credit hours (~3 courses) selected from the following:
    • PHY 309 Experimental Methods in Physics
    • PHY 311 Advanced Laboratory II
    • PHY 320 Optics
    • PHY 330 Intermediate Mechanics
    • PHY 340 Electromagnetic Fields
    • PHY 350 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
    • PHY 360 Statistical Thermodynamics
    • PHY 370 Solid State Physics

Students seeking certification to teach physics at the secondary level with this minor (a "teachable minor") must have a minimum GPA of 2.8 in the minor.  Since students seeking certification for secondary teaching with a minor are required to take PHY 105 Descriptive Astronomy for state certification, PHY 105 will count toward the minor.  This option is not open to students seeking a minor in programs other that secondary education.

Consult the current Undergraduate Catalog and meet with an advisor or the Physics Department Chair when planning a minor in physics.

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