Physical Education

Physical Education Curricula

Major Requirements: Physical Education

Requirements for K-12 Professional Instruction Emphasis:

1. University Degree Requirements

As identified in the General Academic Policies section of the Grand Valley State University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog.

2. B.S. degree cognates: Physical Education Major (Credit Hours: 10)

The following B.S. Degree cognate must be completed for the major in Physical Education.

4. Skills Development Activity Courses (Credit Hours: 5)

Selected from PED 100 through 179, one of which must be swimming. PED 180 courses may be selected and substituted for this requirement. PED 214 and/or PED 215 may be substituted for the 100-180 level swimming requirement.

5. Professional Instruction Emphasis Courses (Credit Hours: 24)

Physical Education majors selecting the K-12 Professional Instruction Emphasis must meet all requirements of the College of Education if they intend to pursue teacher certification. After 2009 Physical Education majors will NOT be eligible for teacher certification in Michigan with the Elementary Education minor. The K-12 Emphasis may also be taken by students who do not intend to enter the College of Education. Students must take the following courses in addition to the core curriculum, B.S. degree cognates, and skills development activity courses:

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