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Carly Glanzman

I was born and raised in Monroe, MI and attended Monroe High School.  I played on the basketball and track teams through my high school years.  From a young age I knew I wanted to become a teacher.   As a freshman I remember being excited when I saw Movement Science listed as a major. There was no other place I’d rather spend my work days than in the gymnasium or outside on the ball fields!   Combining the Movement Science major with the elementary education minor was perfect for me, as it allowed me to become certified to teach both P.E. and general education. 


I have very fond memories of my time at GVSU.  I enjoyed my classes and had excellent professors.  My husband, Jim, and I met at GVSU when I was a freshman, playing basketball at the field house!  Our first several “dates” were lifting weights together and shooting hoops!  We both graduated from GVSU in 2004.  He graduated with a Masters of Computer Science, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. I have continued my education at Grand Valley with several graduate level classes. 


Jim and I have been married for eight years.  Our three-year-old daughter, Raina is in preschool, and we have another baby due this February!  We are very happy to have chosen Rockford, MI as the place to raise our family. 


I feel blessed to be in my 7th year of teaching Physical Education at Kenowa Hills Public Schools.  I love what I do!  I teach a variety of age groups ranging from Preschool-5th grade.   Last year I created a Physical Education blog to share my lesson plan ideas with other teachers, and also to communicate with parents.  I update my blog weekly and post videos and pictures of the activities my students are doing in class.  My blog is available at


I am so thankful for the outstanding education and experience I received at GVSU.  It prepared me for the real world, and has developed me into the teacher I am today! 


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