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All candidates for teacher certification in Michigan must pass a basic skills test and one or more subject-area tests.  There are several components to the teacher certification process in the state of Michigan.  In addition to passing the Basic Skills test and the appropriate subject-area test(s), a candidate must complete required coursework in an approved teacher preparation program as well as any field experience required by he teacher preparation program.  

All tests in the MTTC program are criterion referenced, that is they are designed to measure a candidates knowledge in relation to an established standard of competence rather than in relation to the performance of other candidates.  The explicit purpose of these tests is to help identify those candidates who have demonstrated the level of basic skills and subject-area knowledge necessary to perform satisfactorily in their fields of specialization.  All MTTC tests include multiple choice questions.  An examinees score is based on the total number of test questions answered correctly.     

  • If you are signing up for Professional Readiness Examination (formerly Basic Skills test), remember to sign up for test 096
  • If you are a Physical Education major, remember to sign up for test 044
  • If you are a School Health Education minor, remember to sign up for test 043 (Michigan Department of Education)

You must take this before you Teacher Assist:

The Math practice test is here:

The MTTC Information is here:


Coaching Certificate

The Certificate in Sport Coaching provides prospective coaches with theoretical knowledge and practical experiences in accordance with the National Standards for Sport Coaches. Students completing the Certificate in Sport Coaching will have a record of this accomplishment appear on their academic transcript.

Coaching Certificate

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