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Welcome to the Student Philosophical Society of GVSU

This Week's Club Event

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


MAK D2-227



Modern Epicureanism:what might the Garden have to offer the 21st Century?

The Epicurean tradition is one that has been misunderstood since its outset. Between being condemned by the Christian church, and equivocated with hedonism in contemporary culture, Epicureanism hasn't been able to catch a break since 300 BC. But the importance Epicurus placed on face-to-face interaction with friends, the moderation of pleasure, and living unknown are surely applicable to our current age of technology, gluttony, and celebrity. Could a closer look at doctrines studied in the Garden offer us some insight when it comes to navigating modern life?


To prepare for the discussion, we recommend reading a short article, "Why Epicurus Matters Today" which can be found at:



Carly Anderson:

Andrew Spear: