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This Week Club Event
Location: MAK B1-120


Thursday, February 11th, 5:30 – 7:00 pm

The Artful Mind



In The Artful Mind (2006), Cognitive Scientist Merlin Donald provides us with a fresh perspective concerning the cognitive principles behind art. In referring to "a wide class of expressive forms and media," Donald overviews the birth of art in human civilization, its cognitive principles, and the functions it serves in society. Furthermore, Donald discusses the influence of interactions of culture and cognition on human artistic growth. In this week's meeting, we will discuss a portion of Donald's chapter on some of these factors. Can we accept Donald's conception of cognitively influenced art? Is art a slave to evolutionary processes? Alternatively, can art influence evolution itself? These are the important questions that we will be discussing.


This will be a fun, informal, and interesting evening to drop in and check out the club. It will be a discussion where we encourage everyone to participate. If you just want to come in and listen, that’s cool too. No philosophical background required.



Art and Cognitive Evolution (pg. 3-10 only!)




All are welcome to attend!


Andrew Spear: speara@gvsu.edu

 Club President, Cameron Bunker: bunker@mail.gvsu.edu






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