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This Week Club Event
Location: MAK D1129


Tuesday, September 20th, 5:30 -7:00pm 


Religion and Violence



While the issue of religion and its role in violence via terrorist attacks or other acts of aggression has been widely debated, there remains a remarkable amount of underlying issues that need critical evaluation. In this week's club, we'll engage these issues taking as our point of departure Gary Gutting's "How Religion can Lead to Violence." This controversial piece will be sure to invite interesting questions. Our discussion will focus on questions such as the following; what is the role (if there is one) of religion in modern acts of terror? How is the idea of tolerance central to the history of many religions and how has it nevertheless been compatible with violence? And, what mindset should we have towards this delicate issue?


Philosophy Club beckons you on this intellectual adventure! Come pop in whenever you can, and no philosophical background is required. All are welcome!






This will be a fun, informal, and interesting evening to drop in and check out the club. It will be a discussion where we encourage everyone to participate. If you just want to come in and listen, that’s cool too. No philosophical background required.




 Club President, Cameron Bunker: bunkerc@mail.gvsu.edu

Andrew Spear: speara@gvsu.edu







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