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Location: MAK B1-118

Time: Thursday from 5:30-7:00 PM

Topic: Philosophy & Film

Description: Join us this week as we watch the film "Pi: Faith in Chaos."

It is the fictional story of Maximillian Cohen, a mathematical genius seeking to understand the order of the universe. Max believes that everything around us may be understood in terms of numbers and if you graph the numbers of any system then patterns will emerge. The film will run for most of the meeting time, but at the beginning we will overview some of the broad philosophical issues (e.g., determinism and philosophy of science) to be found throughout. We will also provide popcorn and hot chocolate for an optimal film viewing experience.

Links to relevant information (optional):

(1) The Trailer:

(2) Overview of Philosophical Issues:


All are welcome to attend!




The Philosophy Club's regular meetings for fall 2014 will be

Thursdays from 5:30-7:00 PM in MAK B1-118!



The Philosophical Society of Grand Valley State University is a student organization that meets weekly to discuss philosophy and issues related to philosophy. The meetings are informal and everyone is welcome to attend Philosophical Society meetings. No special background in philosophy is required and it’s OK to just come for part of a meeting if that’s all that your schedule allows.

During the fall 2014 semester the Philosophy Club will be holding its regular meetings on Thursdays beginning at 5:30pm in Mackinac Hall B1-118 on the Allendale Campus. When there is a reading for a meeting it will be available in the Philosophy Main Office: Mackinac Hall B3-105. When we have a guest speaker meetings will be held on Fridays from 10:30 – 11:50 AM in Mackinac Hall B1-128. For this fall, speakers include:

* David Danks of Carnegie Mellon University on “Ethics of Mass Surveillance in the Electronic Age”, Friday September 26.
* Rachel Zuckert of Northwestern University on Kant and Aesthetics, Friday October 3.

* Christopher Shields of Notre Dame on Ancient Philosophy, in particular Aristotle, Friday November 21.

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Philosophy Club Fall 2014: Tentative Meeting and Topic Schedule


11th, Thursday-Kick off meeting, Introductions

18th, Thursday- TBA

**26th Friday-

10:30-11:50 David Danks of Carnegie Mellon University meeting with the Philosophy Club
 3:00  Danks Colloquium- “Ethics of Mass Surveillance in the Electronic Age”,


**3rd, Friday-

10:30-11:50 Rachel Zuckert of Northwestern University meeting with the Philosophy Club

3:00 Zuckert Colloquium- Kant and Aesthetics

9th, Thursday- Aesthetics/ ArtPrize Night: GVSU Professors’ guest lectures

16th, Thursday- TBA

23rd, Thursday- Philosophy and Political Science: Forerunner to Fukuyama lecture.


**6th, Thursday- Off campus: Francis Fukuyama Lecture 7:00 PM L.V. Eberhard Center, 2nd Floor, Pew Campus

**14th, Friday- TBA

10:30-11:50 Christopher Shields of Notre Dame meeting with the Philosophy Club
 3:00  Shields Colloquium- Ancient Philosophy, in particular Aristotle

20th, Thursday- Philosophy and Psychology

27th, Thursday- Thanksgiving Day, no meeting


4th, Thursday- Last Meeting before Christmas- Off-campus.

** denotes special meeting times. We will not meet at the regularly scheduled Thursday time on these weeks.


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