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Tuesday, February 14th, 5:30pm-7:00pm

MAK D2-227



Millennials: Monogamish

Was Kanye right when he said that love is cursed by monogamy? Recent research reports that we millennials are more likely to agree with this statement than any generation preceding us. And according to John McMurtry —author of Monogamy: A Critique

— we just might be on to something. Rooted deep in our social structure, McMurtry argues that the institution underpins the traditional “binary frame of sexual consciousness” adopted by our society. What do you think?

Has monogamy’s appeal been lost on today’s generation? Join us as we discuss this “monolithic restriction.”




To prepare for the discussion we recommend reading McMurtry’s short critique, which can be found at: http://faculty.gvsu.edu/speara/



  Carly Anderson  anderscl@mail.gvsu.edu

Andrew Spear: speara@gvsu.edu







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