The Student Philosophical Society of GVSU


This Week Club Event
Location: MAK B1-120


Thursday, February 4th, 5:30 – 7:00 pm

The Influence and Consequences of Nihilism



As defined by the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Nihilism is a belief system that holds that all values have no foundation and nothing can be successfully know or communicated. In this week's reading, Sebastian Packham provides us with a fresh perspective on how Nihilism has influenced modern society. Using examples such as the literature of Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev, the lifestyle of the Sex pistols, and even "what color is the dress?" Packham discusses different ways to interpret and understand Nihilism. How does Nihilism affect 21st century life? What are the consequences, and are there benefits? Is Nihilism self-defeating? These are the types of questions that will serve as the focus of this week's meeting.

This will be a fun, informal, and interesting evening to drop in and check out the club. It will be a discussion where we encourage everyone to participate. If you just want to come in and listen, that’s cool too. No philosophical background required.





All are welcome to attend!


Ronald Loeffler: loeffler@gvsu.edu

 Club President, Cameron Bunker: bunker@mail.gvsu.edu







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