The Student Philosophical Society of GVSU


This Week Club Event

Tuesday, November 17 from 5:30pm-7:00pm:

Location: MAK A1161


Stoicism and Happiness




Description It's stoic's week! The philosophy club will be discussing Seneca’s “On the Happy Life”. What is happiness? Can we attain it and, if so, how? What is the relationship between happiness, virtue, and nature? These questions will be central to this week's meeting. Moreover, we will consider how these issues are still relevant today as they were in Ancient Greece and Rome.

This will be a fun, informal, and interesting evening to drop in and check out the club. It will be a discussion where we encourage everyone to participate. If you just want to come in and listen, that’s cool too. No philosophical background required.


Readings: A reading for the meeting is available in the Philosophy Department Main Office MAK B3-105.

  Contact: Andrew Spear:



  All are welcome to attend!





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