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Paul Reitemeier
Associate Professor, Chair, Human Research Review Committee Research Protections Program Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence 307-C DeVos Hall 401 Fulton St. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504-6431 Fax (616) 331-6040 Office: 307-C DeVos Hall Ext.: 13417 (voice-mail) Email:  

Paul Reitemeier earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Michigan State University with a dissertation on Physician Integrity and the Role of Gatekeeper. He also holds a Master's degree in Medical Ethics from The University of Kansas and a B.A. in Philosophy from The University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Professor Reitemeier has been teaching health care ethics and organizational ethics for more than twenty years and he joined the philosophy faculty at GVSU in 2003. Previously he worked for the National Center for Ethics in the Veterans Health Administration as senior health care ethicist and office supervisor. The National Center for Ethics serves the entire VHA health care system. In addition to his work in federal government, Dr. Reitemeier has held regular full-time faculty positions at six universities and medical schools in Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan and New Hampshire.

Dr. Reitemeier is widely published and nationally recognized in clinical, research, and organizational ethics and health care ethics education. His leadership skills and program development experience include enhancing humanistic qualities in health professionals through focused curriculum structures, using systems management to foster compassionate patient care at the end of life, and enhancing professional and organizational integrity through integrated ethics programs. He has extensive teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate education for health professional students, bioethicists, health care administrators, and liberal arts students.

His main research interests are related to the ethical components of professionalism, the compassionate care of the dying, and issues of justice in health care organization, financing and delivery, especially organizational ethics.

He has published 4 book chapters, 20 journal articles, among other publications.

Dr. Reitemeier's primary appointment is as Chair of the GVSU Research Review Committee which reviews and approves all covered research involving human subjects. He teaches several philosophy courses including PHI 341 (Death & Dying), PHI 325 (Ethics in the Professions), PHI 102 (Ethics) and PHI 101 (Introduction to Philosophy).