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Sample Study Plan for double Major in Philosophy and Chinese Studies

China has a long and rich philosophical tradition, which provides not only a valuable resource on its own, but also a contrast for gaining a deeper understanding of Western philosophy. In a pluralistic world today, building a cross-cultural education basis is particularly important. GVSU is proud of our unique strength in Chinese philosophy. With a major in philosophy, one can take PHI 210 (Eastern Philosophy) and PHI 306 (Eastern Great Philosophers), and take some additional courses for a Chinese major. The table below is a sample study plan for earning the double major. Please consult with an advisor in both programs to make your own plan.

* These are credit hours that are not included in the major requirement.

Philosophy Major   Students majoring in philosophy must complete a minimum of 30 hours in the department, including PHI 103, 495 and 4 of the 5 history of philosophy courses (311, 312, 313, 314, 315) and one course in non-Western philosophy. Chinese Studies Major   33 semester hours (24 required, nine electives), with 6 of the 33 earned in studying abroad in mainland China or Taiwan
Year 1 (odd) Fall
PHI 101 CHI 101* PHI 102   Winter
PHI 103 CHI 102* Spring/Summer (study abroad in China), Fulfill Gen. Ed. Theme requirement
PHI 380 (comparative philosophy) EAS 201 PHI 210   Year 2 (even) Fall
PHI 311 CHI 201* PHI 306 PLS 283 Winter
PHI 312 CHI 202* Year 3 (odd) Fall
PHI 313 or PHI 314 CHI 301   HST 333   HST 342 Winter
PHI 315 CHI 302 PHI 310   Year 4 (even) Fall
PHI 495 CHI 321 Winter
  CHS 495   CHI 322 36 credits, 6 (PHI 210 and 306) can be counted toward CHS 27 credits, + 6 from PHI courses = 33