Emergency Closing Policy

Policy Statement

In evaluating whether or not to close for snow-related reasons, the following criteria are used:

1) the ability of the university’s road crews to keep campus roads and parking lots cleared;

2) the conditions of primary and secondary roads in the area as reported by the State Police as well as the local law enforcement;

Because commuting students, faculty and staff come from such a broad geographic area, it is extremely difficult to arrive at a decision that is appropriate for each vicinity. Weather conditions rarely are uniform throughout this large area. There is no one decision that will satisfy everyone; however, a diligent effort is made to arrive at a reasonable decision that considers the safety of students as well as their right to receive instruction. Under no circumstances does GVSU ask students, faculty or staff to assume undue risk in traveling to class in inclement weather.

Policy & Procedures

No announcement is made when the university is open. Definition of the words “canceled” and “closed” as it pertains to GVSU employees:


Classes and activities will not be held. All staff are to report to work.


Only ESSENTIAL employees are to report to work.

Grand Valley State University will close all or part of its operations only in case of extreme emergency caused by impassible roads, restricted visibility, violent weather, energy loss, or other conditions seriously endangering the health and safety of students, faculty and staff. Normally the Pew Campus will close only when the Allendale campus is closed.

The decision to close the Meijer Campus will be made taking into consideration local weather conditions and decisions made by other institutions in the immediate Holland area. If GVSU Allendale is closed, the Meijer Campus is also closed.

When Muskegon Community College is closed, GVSU’s Stevenson’s Center for Higher Education, Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (MAREC), and the Annis Water Resources will be closed. When the decision is made to close the main Northwestern Michigan College campus in Traverse City, GVSU’s University Center will also close.

Students, faculty and staff should assume the university is open unless they hear otherwise on the radio or television or have been notified via the university's Emergency Notification System. To sign up for messages regarding university closings, visit www.gvsu.edu/emergencycontact. We ask that you do not call the Grand Valley State University switchboard, Grand Valley Police Department or the Pew Campus Security Department to ask about closings.

For a more detailed update on campus conditions and area roads, tune to the Grand Valley State radio stations, WGVU-FM 88.5 and WGVU-AM 1480. Every effort will be made to make the decision to close so that the announcement can be made over the stations as early as possible, but no later than 6:30 AM for daytime classes and 3:00 PM for evening classes. Closings will also be posted at www.gvsu.edu and notifications will be made using the university's Emergency Notification System.

When classes are canceled, all staff are expected to report for work unless the closing announcement indicates that only "essential staff" need report. Designated personnel in the following departments are considered essential and are expected to report:

Grand Valley Police Department
Facilities Services
Fieldhouse Management
Food Service
Information Technology
Pew Campus Operations
Pew Campus Security Department

Individual faculty members who wish to cancel a class or other event should do so only with permission of their dean. In such cases, faculty members are responsible for notifying students for each class they teach.


In the event that a closing of cancellation would involve a specified exam day, those exams affected would be held on the next available day after the exam week has concluded. For example - If a Tuesday exam day were affected, the next available day after the conclusion of the exam week would be Saturday. If two exam days were affected, i.e. Wednesday and Thursday, Wednesday’s exam would take place on Saturday and Thursday’s exam would be the following Monday.


The Pew Campus Security Department would like to remind everyone of the overnight parking regulations on campus. Section 2.12, Overnight Parking, in the campus Traffic and Parking Ordinance states, “No overnight parking is permitted in any lot other than residential lots except with permission of the Director of the Grand Valley Police Department. Parking between the hours of 3:00 A.M. and 7:00 A.M. shall be considered overnight parking”.

Parking overnight in Lots B, D2-9, J, K-West P, R, Calder Residence (O), GVA, Secchia Lot and the resident section of Watson (resident lots) shall require a resident permit or a temporary resident permit issued by the Grand Valley Police Department or the Pew Campus Security Department. During snow removal periods, any vehicle found to be in violation of the Ordinance will be subject to impoundment. Any questions should be referred to the Grand Valley Police Department at (616) 331-3255 or the Pew Campus Security Department at (616) 331-6677.

Overnight parking other than that outlined above is prohibited at the Pew Campus, the Meijer Campus at Holland and the Annis Water Resources except with permission of the Pew Campus Security Department office at (616) 331-6677.http://www.gvsu.edu/emergency

Page last modified January 26, 2015