Social Media & Technology

Most people don't associate safety and security with social media. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using a variety of social media sites and apps.

1. Limit what you post. You never know who will see it, and it can be next to impossible to truly delete it.

2. Don't post information regarding your routine (work schedule, daily events, etc.).

3. Post photographs of vacations and trips AFTER you return, not while you're there. Posting these pictures while you're there lets everyone know you're not at home.

4. Monitor and limit what your friends post about you. If you feel that a friend added too much information, ask them to edit or remove the post.

5. Avoid using any social media apps that "check in". Checking in shows exactly where you are, and perhaps more importantly, exactly where you are not.

6. When downloading apps on your phone or tablet, be aware of what information you're giving the app owner access to.

7. Know that there are apps that allow you to track your Apple products, such as a iPhone, iPod or Apple laptop in the event that item is lost or stolen. These apps even allow you to lock the device, send a message to it or remotely wipe all data on the device.

Page last modified June 29, 2012