Severe Weather Procedures

Grand Valley State University has issued the following precautionary procedures in the event of severe weather.

A tornado or severe thunderstorm WATCH means that the storms may produce large hail and/or damaging winds. All severe thunderstorms are potential tornado producers, but a severe thunderstorm watch does not mean that a tornado is imminent.

A tornado or severe thunderstorm WARNING means that a tornado or thunderstorm is imminent or has actually been sighted.

The campus community will be notified of a WARNING when Kent County activates the outdoor siren warning system. It is important to remember that this system is designed to warn people outdoors, not inside buildings. Individuals should take steps to remain vigilant in regards to current weather conditions and act appropriately and accordingly. The important thing to remember is DO NOT PANIC. A calm, orderly course of events is the best way to insure the safety of all concerned.

A safety contact person has been designated for each building and they will be contacted in the event of a watch or a warning and in turn will direct all those within the building to move to an assigned safe area. Building occupants should move away from all windows or glass-enclosed areas immediately.

The safest area is the center of the building as close to the basement or ground floor as possible. When the warning is terminated, everyone on campus will be notified and normal university activities will resume.http://www.gvsu.edu/emergency

Page last modified January 26, 2015