Out and About On Campus

If you're out and about on campus, here are a few tips to help keep you and your property safe.


1. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity or people loitering.

2. STOP and look both ways before walking into a crosswalk. Vehicles do not have to stop for pedestrians approaching crosswalks as they do in Allendale.

3. If someone is asking for money or food, do not give it to them. A simple "no" is fine. Walk away and contact Campus Safety.

4. If you must walk around campus at night, try to walk with a group of people instead of alone.

5. Always walk with a purpose. Avoid items that distract your attention, such as texting on your phone or wearing headphones.


Your Property

1. Never leave your property unattended, even for a quick second.

2. Ask a trusted friend or classmate to keep an eye on things if you must leave the area without your belongings.

3. Do not keep large amounts of cash in your wallet, purse or bookbag.

4. Always lock your bicycle properly to a bike rack, and double check to make sure it's locked.

Page last modified July 2, 2012