September 2013 Crime Alert Memo

Date: September 11, 2013

To: Grand Valley State University Pew Campus Departments

From:  Pew Campus Security, Investigating Officer, Dan Bohle, GR-30

Subject: 2013 Crime Alert Memo #4

Date: September 04, 2013

This new academic year has seen a rise in the number of public patrons loitering around bus stops that are utilized by GVSU.  Please review the below safety tips.

  • Observe the behavior of those around you.
  • Avoid talking to strangers, especially in isolated areas. Never give out any personal
  • information.
  • The person you're talking to may be fine, but others can overhear.
  • lf someone looks suspicious, move away from him/her.
  •  If trouble occurs on the bus, notify the bus driver immediately.
  • Any faculty/staff member who hears of any complaints regarding the bus should urge the individual to contact our department and an officer will take a report. The Rapid, along with the local law enforcement jurisdiction will be contacted.

With this increase in public patrons on campus the amount of bike larcenies has doubled that of last year. All but one of these bikes thefts were due to the use a cable style lock and was secured to a bike rack on the Pew Campus. The cable locks were cut or the bike was yanked repeatedly until the lock breaks. 

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Any suspicious activity around bus stops, bike racks or anywhere on campus should be reported to the Pew Campus Security Department at (616)-331-6677 and an officer will be dispatched to the area.


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