Student Temporary Parking Permit Program

Date: March 27, 2012

Pursuant to several requests for clarification regarding the availability of free day permits for students of GVSU, the policy is as follows:
  1. All students of GVSU are allotted twenty (20) free day permits per academic year. These permits are issued based on the classification of the individual requesting. Generally, the majority of students we issue permits to are classified as commuter students and thus are issued a commuter permit.
  2. To obtain a day permit, the student must present a valid photo ID at either Campus Safety office (Eberhard Center, Suite 102 or Service Building in Allendale) as well as provide a valid license plate number for the vehicle in which the permit will be displayed. If the license plate on the permit does not match the plate on the vehicle, the vehicle is subject to citation. Short-term parking is available in the parking lots in front of each building mentioned above to allow students to obtain these permits in a timely manner.
  3. It should be noted that there is no student parking at the Center for Health Sciences building. Students who wish to park at CHS are afforded the option of parking and paying meters behind the building or in the Lafayette Lot. Otherwise, students are encouraged to park (with a permit) in the Seward Parking Ramp (520 Lake Michigan Drive NW) and utilize the DASH to the Hill.
  4. On the Pew Campus, students may obtain these permits up to fourteen (14) calendar days in advance. Students who choose to obtain permits in advance inherit the risk of losing those permits with the understanding that any replacement will be an additional permit used out of the total. The Allendale Campus may have different protocols regarding their issuance. I would encourage questions for Allendale to be directed to GVPD at (616) 331-3255.
As always, it is encouraged that any questions related to parking be directed to our office for clarification. This helps alleviate hearsay and confusion.

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