Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  When is the Pew Campus Security Department open?

A:  We have officers on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The office in the Eberhard Center is open from 6:00am to 12:00am, Monday through Friday, Saturday 7:00am to 7:00pm and Sunday 4:00pm to 12:00am. An officer is always available by calling (616) 331-6677.

Q:  How do I obtain a temporary permit?

A:   Temporary permits are obtained at the Pew Campus Security Department located in the Eberhard Center, Suite 102. You will need a valid photo I.D. and your license plate number.

Faculty/Staff may request parking for up to nine (9) guests by using our Parking Request website found on our homepage. The system will e-mail the permit directly to the guest, so you will need their e-mail address.

For Faculty/Staff with more than nine (9) guests, please e-mail your request to epermits@gvsu.edu. Your request should include the number of guests expected, the date, time, name and location of the event.

Q:  For how many days may I have a temporary permit and how much does it cost?

A:  Students may use a temporary permit for a maximum of twenty (20) days per academic year free of charge. These days can be used consecutively at once or sporadically. You may not obtain a permit more than one week in advance. 

If you require a permit for longer than twenty (20) days, you are required to purchase a permanent permit.

Student Commuter

Q: When is parking enforced on the Pew Campus?

A: Parking is enforced for permits Monday through Thursday 7:00am to 6:30pm and Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm.  Outside of these hours, no permit is required to park in a Student Commuter lot. 

Overnight parking is enforced year round.  Overnight parking is 3:00am -7:00am.  There is no overnight parking in Student Commuter lots.

Q:  I'm driving a different car on campus for a few days.  Can I use my permit for a different vehicle?

A: Yes. Permits are issued to a person, not to a vehicle, so they are interchangeable between vehicles. The permit holder is responsible for the vehicle to which the permit is attached.

Q:  Who can park on campus overnight and where do they get a permit?

A:  Overnight parking on the Pew Campus is limited to Pew Campus residents and guests of Pew Campus residents. The guest must obtain a temporary visitor permit from the Pew Campus Security Department, and the vehicle must be parked in the Winter Resident Section.  Residents may not obtain a permit for their guest.

 Q:  What is considered overnight parking?

A:  Overnight parking starts at 3:00am and is enforced until 7:00am in all lots on the Pew Campus every night.

Q:  Where can I park on the weekends?

A:  If you are just visiting campus for the day (leaving before 3:00am) and not staying overnight, no permit is required in any non-resident lot from Friday at 5:00pm until Monday at 7:00am.  There is no overnight parking in Student Commuter or Faculty/Staff parking lots.

Q:  I have a class in the Cook DeVos Center for Health Sciences.  Where do I park?

A:  You may park in any student lot with a permit and then take the Dash to the Hill bus which picks up at the corner of Seward and Lake Michigan Drive, directly across from the Seward parking ramp (visit www.gvsu.edu/bus for more information on the Dash to the Hill). You may also park in the Lafayette Lot in the meter spaces – payment of the meter is required.

Q:  I drive two cars. May I have two permits?

A:  No. Only one permit is allowed per student. However, permits can be used on any vehicle.

Pew Campus Resident

Q: When do I need a permit to park in a resident lot?

A:  A permit is always required to park in a Pew Campus resident lot - even on the weekends.

Q:  I live on the Pew Campus. Can I drive to my classes on the Pew Campus and park in commuter lots?

A:  No. Residents may park in the Secchia and Winter Resident Sections only. If you are a Pew Resident driving to Allendale, your permit is valid in any Allendale Student Commuter lot.

Q:  Where can I park overnight?

A:  Overnight parking is permitted in the Secchia and Winter Resident Sections only.

Q:  What is considered overnight?

A:  Monday through Sunday 3:00am - 7:00am.

Q:  I have a visitor. Where can they park?

A:  Guests that are parking on campus will require a visitor pass. Vistors must pick up a temporary permit from the Pew Campus Security Department in the Eberhard Center, Suite 102, or by calling (616) 331-6677 after hours.

Q:  How will my visitors know where to park?

A:  It is your responsibility to make sure your visitors park in the proper areas while on the Pew Campus.

Q:  May I park near the building to load/unload my car?

A: Yes. Meter spaces are provided for this purpose.  You may NOT park your vehicle along the curb or in the driving lanes around the buildings.  These are fire lanes.

Q:  I am driving a different car on campus for a few days. What should I do about a permit?

A:  Your permanent cling permit is transferable between vehicles. If you have forgotten your cling permit or do not have one, you can always pick up a temporary resident permit from the Pew Campus Security Department.

Q:  Where can I park on the weekends?

A:  In the Secchia Lot and Winter Resident Lot.

Page last modified September 7, 2016