If you ride a bicycle to campus you must lock your bicycle up to a bike rack (Reference GVSU Traffic and Parking Ordinance). If you lock your bicycle to any other area other than a bike rack your bicycle may be impounded.


The Pew Campus Security Department recommends using a U-Lock style lock for securing your bicycle. This style lock is harder to cut or damage.

If your bicycle is stolen while on campus, contact the Pew Campus Security Department right away (616) at 331-6677.


Register your bicycle for free with the University by clicking here. By using this service you can be sure that if your bike is ever stolen, and recovered, it can be identified and returned to you.

Borrow a Bike Lock Program

U-locks can be borrowed at the Dispatch desk in Eberhard Center. Guidelines can be found here.

Page last modified August 26, 2013