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YMCA Student Membership (SP/SU 2016)

Grand Valley State University has teamed up with YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids and its affiliate locations, to offer a special membership program for our students with some unique benefits and limitations. 

Student can opt for an individual or family semester-long membership. Spring/Summer is considered one continuous session with membership period starting May 9, 2016 and ending August 10, 2016. Individual membership plan ($160/semester) or a Family membership plan ($360/semester). 

Access to the on-line membership opens approximately four weeks prior to the first day of classes and concludes approximately four weeks after.

This membership provides access to participating YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids branches and is valid for one semester. As such, students must submit a new on-line request every semester to continue membership.

For more information, please select:

Individual membership plan 

Family membership plan

Contact information: Lynnette Keen, YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, 616-855-9622; email: lkeen@GRYMCA.ORG    

Additional Information:
Please submit any questions to Steven Lipnicki, Assistant Dean of Students, at 616.331.7188; or email lipnicks@gvsu.edu

Page last modified March 25, 2016