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YMCA Guidelines for Family Memberships

 NEW Family Membership Option for GVSU Students & Link to Join!!!

GVSU and YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids have teamed up to offer a Family Membership Option with some unique benefits. Carefully review the following before taking advantage of the Online Family Membership option.

IMPORTANT: Please note that effective SP/SU 2016, you will not be able to renew your membership or use a new YMCA membership unless you have joined through this website. Allow up to 7 days for your name to appear on the YMCA's roster of GVSU students, at which time you can complete the joining process at David D. Hunting YMCA and begin taking advantage of your membership plan.

Step 1 - Read and Review Plan Guidelines:

By submitting the Online YMCA Membership form, GVSU is authorized to charge your student account $360 for you and your immediate family members to participate for the academic semester. Family Membership charges will be posted by the following day and are payable to Grand Valley State University in accordance with the University's payment policies. Since this membership is not continuous, an online Billing Request Form must be completed each semester to maintain active membership.  

Membership Payment Options through GVSU:
Cash, check, money order, or e-check (no additional fee)
Credit or Debit Card (additional fees apply) - available for on-line payments

This membership provides access to participating YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids branches and is only valid for one semester; therefore, you must process a new on-line request every semester to maintain active membership.

Conditions and terms:

  • This special Family Membership rate is only available to students who are enrolled during the specified semester/term
  • Family Membership includes one or two adults and their dependents living in the same household, all who consider themselves a family
  • Under this arrangement, GVSU students may opt in/out on a semester by semester basis without incurring a joining fee
  • Membership is effective from the first day until the last day of the semester.
  • Participating branches include David D. Hunting (Grand Rapids), Visser Family (Grandville), Wolverine Worldwide (Belmont), Southeast (Cascade), Lowell, Ionia and the new Spartan Stores YMCA (Wyoming)
  • GVSU Plan participants are not permitted to park at the David D. Hunting YMCA
  • Members must comply with YMCA policies
  • This membership plan is only made available during the posted on-line enrollment period - approximately 6-7 weeks in duration
  • All membership inquiries, including joining after the on-line enrollment period has concluded, and other membership-related requests, e.g., financial questions, should be submitted to the membership services contact

Contact information: Lynnette Keen, YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, 616-855-9622; email: lkeen@GRYMCA.ORG 

Step 2 - IMPORTANT - Print a copy of the On-line Membership Form before submitting:
This is your only confirmation record. Bring this form to the David D. Hunting YMCA to complete their paperwork and obtain YMCA ID cards for your family.

Step 3 - Check Box at bottom of Form
To confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of the YMCA/GVSU membership plan, you must check the identified box and click "Submit" to complete the process.

Step 4 - If you are ready to join, be advised:  a) Charges will post to your account within 72 hours and you are accepting responsibility for said these charges;  b) After you submit the form you must visit the David D. Hunting YMCA to obtain your ID and begin using your membership. 

Step 5 - Complete by visiting the David D. Hunting YMCATo begin using your Family membership at any location, you will need to visit the David D. Hunting YMCA to complete YMCA's paperwork and obtain ID cards. Be advised that your student account is charged $360 and your membership activates regardless of whether you visit the YMCA. YMCA membership fees are not refundable. Additionally, failure to pay this fee may result in a "hold" being placed on your GVSU student account.

Join now: YMCA Family Membership Request

Additional Information:

Please submit any questions to Steven Lipnicki, Assistant Dean of Students, at 616.331.7188 or e-mail lipnicks@gvsu.edu

Page last modified March 25, 2016