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The Grand Rapids Good Neighbor Committee was established by the City of Grand Rapids, local neighborhood associations, rental property owners, and the colleges and universities located within the City to ensure that our downtown neighborhoods incorporate students into rental properties while avoiding some of the issues that have plagued other communities with larger student populations, including excessive noise, party complaints, and related property maintenance issues.    

As our many colleges and universities continue to attract students to Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities, local neighborhoods are impacted by the dynamic nature of converting privately-owned homes into rental properties. This can result in the remaining property owners feeling uncomfortable or helpless with the changes in their community.

Rental property agreements include shared responsibilities for both property owner and tenant(s) that can minimize some of the issues. While property owners are typically responsible for maintaining the grounds (lawn care, snow removal, etc.), tenants are responsible for not creating undue disturbances or related hazards.

An ongoing issue within the residential communities of Grand Rapids will continue to be the limited number of parking spaces. There is no easy solution to this problem; however, it is important to be respectful of the local parking ordinances and to use common sense, including never blocking driveways, fire hydrants, curb-cuts and crosswalks.            

In the spirit of cooperation, Grand Valley State University is furnishing information to our students regarding ordinances for the City of Grand Rapids and related expectations to ensure that local neighborhoods continue to embrace and value GVSU students residing in their communities.  We recommend that you familiarize yourself with sections 100.11 "Off-Campus" and 205.02 "Disruptions" of the Grand Valley State University Student Code.

For more information regarding tips for renting an apartment, a guide to landlord tenant obligations, City of GR Code Compliance Q & A, and a listing of rental properties, click GVSU Off Campus Housing.      

Page last modified June 7, 2016