Perkins Loan Department
Exit Counseling

Phone: 616-331-2209
Fax: 616-331-3975
Jody Reid

1049 James Zumberge Hall
Long Term Loan Office
Allendale, MI 49401


Upon graduating, dropping below half-time status or withdrawing from school you are required to  complete an exit seminar.  This information will give you everything you need to know about your Perkins Loan through Grand Valley State University.  

If you have any questions after completing this, please call the office at 616-331-2209 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please note:    a repayment schedule will be sent to you in the mail for you to sign and return.  If the repayment schedule and the on-line exit counseling is not completed a hold will be placed on your account which will prevent you from obtaining your transcripts or returning to school.

Even if you are enrolled at another institution or are going to return to Grand Valley, you need to complete this.  If you are enrolled somewhere else, please request a student deferment.  You will need to request these deferments each semester you are enrolled.

Click on the following link and follow the directions.

Your user id is your Grand Valley student id number.  Please contact our office to access your password for the first time or your instructions to access this are in the exit counseling packet that was mailed to you.

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