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Padnos College History

 Seymour & Esther Padnos College of Engineering & Computing

College History

Grand Valley State University has named the College of Engineering & Computing in honor of Seymour and Esther Padnos to recognize their commitment to creating an environment where students and faculty can reach their full potential in the fields of engineering and computing. It is the aim of the University to inspire future engineers and computing professionals to live up to the personal and professional ideals of the Padnos family.

The Padnos College was established on July 1, 2004 as part of the academic reorganization at GVSU. The College includes the School of Engineering and the School of Computing & Information Systems.

Prior to the reorganization, the Padnos School of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science & Information Systems were both elements of the Science & Mathematics Division at Grand Valley State University.

 Contact Information

301 West Fulton Street
Suite 332 Kennedy Hall
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Phone: 616-331-6260


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