PCEC Advising Center

Who is my Advisor?

The Seymour & Esther Padnos College of Engineering & Computing (PCEC) provides professional academic advisors, as part of the PCEC Student Service Center, to help students successfully navigate secondary admissions requirements and complete degree requirements.

Declaring your Major

Students pursuing a Computer & Information Systems or Engineering major, will first declare as pre-majors (Pre-EGR, Pre-CS, or Pre-INF). As a pre-major in PCEC you will be assigned a professional advisor in the PCEC Advising Center.

Upon completion of the required secondary admit courses students will be accepted into major standing and will be assigned a faculty advisor


Determining Your Assigned Advisor

Once you have declared your major, you will be assigned an advisor. Follow the steps below to find your advisor:

1. Log into MyBanner
2. Select Student & Financial Aid
3. Select Registration
4. View Major & Advisor Information

To get the contact information for your assigned advisor, utilize the GVSU People Finder.

How are Faculty Advisors and Professional Advisors Different?

Faculty advisors are experts in your major field of study and possess an unparalleled knowledge of course content and career possibilities within your field. They are able to provide insight and mentoring as it pertains to graduate programs and future employment. As professors, they also understand the aptitude and determination required to successfully complete the academic requirements of the major. Finally, faculty advisors are well connected locally, regionally, and across the US.

Professional advisors help provide a broad perspective of the undergraduate experience and assist in navigating academic policies and procedures. In particular, professional advisors provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Understanding requirements for secondary admissions
  • Course registration and scheduling
  • Major requirements
  • Discussion of potential minors or a second major
  • Integrating Study Abroad into your academic plan
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • General Education requirements
  • Transfer courses from another institution (in particular, for students who take courses elsewhere over the summer)
  • Appropriate referrals to University Resources

Page last modified March 17, 2010