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Registration FAQs

Registration FAQs & Announcements

  1.  Registration Errors:
    1. Field of Study
        1. We have some students who are still declared as “Engineering”; please update your catalog (done at the Registrar’s Office) and declare a MAJOR, not an emphasis.
        2. If you are not an engineering major, you’ll need to contact engineer@gvsu.edu for a permit.
    2. Prerequisite Not Met
      • If you feel that you have met the prereqs for the course you are trying to register for, please contact engineer@gvsu.edu to request a permit
      • If you are an HNR student and are having trouble with EGR 214, it is because your WRT 150 requirement is not being ‘read’.  Please contact engineer@gvsu.edu to request a permit
      • If you need a prereq override for another department, please contact that department (i.e., Math, Physics, Chemistry)
    3. Summer Engineering Courses
      • ALL summer courses require a permit
      • Please email engineer@gvsu.edu to request a permit
      • Permits will not be released, and students not notified, until the end of the semester.
  2. Course Equivalency Guide
    1. http://www.gvsu.edu/studentapps/mtn/
    2. Please use this for any courses you’d like to take S/S 14 at another institution
  3. Business Minors
    1. Students with business minors are running into trouble registering for classes.  Per Seidman College of Business, all non-business majors are required to have a 2.0 GPA.  If you are a business minor and meet this requirement, please call the SCB Undergraduate Student Services Office at 331-7500.
  4. Appointments vs. Emails

Currently we are running 3-4 weeks out with scheduling appointments. We understand this is frustrating, and we apologize.

  1. Please make an appointment IF
    • you would like help with your schedule,
    • you would like academic planning for upcoming semesters,
    • you have specific questions about transfer credit/summer equivalencies
    • need help registering in Banner
  2. Please email IF
    • You have a prereq error that is not listed above
    • You have a question about something we discussed in a previous appointment
    • You’d like a copy of our appointment notes

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