Closed Class Permits

During your time at GVSU it is likely that you will want to take a class that is closed. There is no universal policy for handling closed classes at GVSU. Here are a few tips as you try to add a closed class:

1. Start by contacting the department who is offering the course you wish to take. See if they approve the closed class permit or if they leave it up to the faculty member. If they do take care of the request in the department, ask if there is a specific form to fill out.

2. If the closed class permit request is handled by the faculty member, email the professor to see if they would consider adding you in on a closed class permit.

3. If you are unable to register for the course still, check with the department to see if they keep a waitlist. If they do, make sure to put your name on the list.

4. Another option is to continue to look at MyBanner frequently to see if someone drops the course. Over the years, we have found that the best time to search for courses is early in the morning.


Page last modified May 10, 2016