UltraTime Login ID is your G-Number

On Campus Login:

Login to Ultratime

-UltraTime does not work properly with Google Chrome or Safari (why?)

-Use Internet Explorer with your pop-up blocker turned on, and make sure to add UltraTime as a trusted site, or Firefox (Mac users)
For instructions on how to add UltraTime as a trusted site please click here.

-Maximize window before logging in


Off Campus Login (VPN):

VPN Help:



If you're on campus WiFi, but not directly on a networked computer, you will need to use this VPN login as well.

The VPN username is your network ID, not your Gnumber. Your UltraTime username is still your Gnumber.

UltraTime User Guides

Common Problems

Having trouble with UltraTime? Check out our Common Problems Guide, or give us a call at (616) 331-2237. 

Page last modified June 23, 2017