Paycheck Information

Paper checks can be picked up at the student assistance center in Student Services (Allendale) or in Devos Building C (Grand Rapids) - Check location is dependent on where you work

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What can I do if I lost my check?

I will be gone when my next paycheck arrives. How can I have it mailed to me?

Salary continuation Ultratime codes

2017 Pay Schedule for Staff & Students


Hourly-Temp-Student Pay dates



For Calendars in future years, please visit the Pay and Holiday Calendar page.

Direct Deposit

Staff and Students may sign up for direct deposit at any time. Simply fill out our direct deposit form and turn it in to our office.

To make any of the following changes to your direct deposit, a signed new form must be sent to Payroll via intercampus mail or by stopping by our office:

  • Initial direct deposit activation
  • To add or remove an account
  • Adjust amounts distributed to accounts



Students and Temporary Staff

Temporary/Hourly Direct Deposit

Full Time Staff

FacultyStaff Direct Deposit

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