Prerequisite Courses

  One course in general biology (BIO 120)
  One course in general chemistry (CHM 109 or CHM 115 & 116)
  One course in genetics (BIO 355 or BIO 375/376)
  One course in organic chemistry (CHM 231 or CHM 241 & 242)
*One course in biochemistry (CHM 232 or CHM 461)
*One course in human anatomy (BMS 208)
*One course in human physiology (BMS 290 & 291)
  One course in statistics (STA 215)
  One course in psychology (PSY 101)
*One course in microbiology (BMS 212 & 213)
  One course in physics (PHY 200 or 220 & 221)
(GVSU equivalent courses in parenthesis)

* Courses in asterisk (*) must be less than 5 years old at time of application. .
Waiver of the five-year rule may be granted on a case-by-case basis for candidates with documented academic excellence and appropriate clinical experience at the discretion of the admissions committee or the PAS program director.

Student submitting PAS applications Fall 2014 must have the following courses completed at the time of application: Anatomy, Physiology, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics.  Students submitting applications Fall 2015 and onward must have the stated courses completed and microbiology at the time of application.

One course is defined as either a 1 semester stand-alone course OR if a course has 2 parts, the student is expected to complete Part I and Part II of the sequenced courses to meet the requirements prior to application.

Applicants may also take higher level courses or competency examinations for credit.


Recommended Courses

These courses have been found beneficial for success in the GVSU PAS program.
Medical Ethics
Computer Science
Cadaver Lab

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