Other helpful advice that you would offer

Sarah DeRose, Class of 2006
It's going to be demanding. It is not "hard" but it takes time and devotion. Purchase a Harrison's medical

Matthew Kenny, Class of 2006
Keep your head up and work hard, and it will all be worth it in the end.

Regina Kline, Class of 2005
No longer can you succeed by going home and studying on your own. You have to find a group of students you study well with and stick with them. You may think you have an understanding of something until you hear how someone else thinks of it, and then it's crystal clear.

Steven Heckel, Class of 2004
Do not sweat the small stuff. Ask questions early, because not questions is a silly one. The better informed you are the more relaxed you'll be and you can enjoy the new profession you are about to enter.

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